Pricing Digital Content

How do you price digital content?

Digital Content, like anything else for sale, will need to be priced so that it will sell well. You don’t want it to be too high or too low. Finding that happy medium is tough though.

The first thing to do when setting a price for your digital content is to try to find content that is similar in scope to what you are offering and offer your content at a similar price. If you are unable to find a similar offering you’ll have to price it so that people see the value in what you are offering for the price you are offering.

Some considerations that you’ll want to think about prior to setting your price, are how much time you have into the creation of your content, your delivery service cost, advertising, credit card processing fees. Look at these expenses for a single Month of time. Here is an example to help guide you:

– Creation Cost – $50.00
– Digital Content Center Delivery Service Cost – $9.95
– Advertising Cost – $50.00
– Credit Card Processing Fees – $10.05

With a total expense of $120.00 and one month of time and a goal to break even, you can now calculate that it will take a sale each day at $4.00 per sale to break even. If you sell 2 per day then you will recoup your expense in half the time and make a profit for the month. Also remember to take the creation cost out of the equation after you have recouped that expense.