Selling Digital Music

How does selling digital music through Digital Content Center differ from other service providers like iTunes or Amazon?

First know that we totally respect the foundation that the large providers have created, but we believe our model is better. Here’s why…

The Artist Controls the Money

We believe that the artist should receive all of the profits from their labor. Face it, if you do the work you don’t want give 40%-60% of the money to someone else for just delivering your music.

Our model charges a reasonable monthly fee for using our service as the delivery vehicle. We don’t take any royalties.

Note – If you are using a management company and they are performing services for you, then by all means pay them for the services that you are receiving.

Customer Service

Have you ever tried contacting a large service provider and talk to a human? Yea right!

We sometimes get busy and our phones may go to voice mail but during normal business hours the chances of reaching a human on the first ring is about 95%, and we can usually resolve whatever you are calling about right on the spot.

Linking from Your Website

There really is no difference in how you get site visitors to us to sell and deliver your music. Basically they give you a buy button link to put on your site, we also give you a buy button to put on your site. They have a searchable service that sells the music right from their site, we also have a searchable service that sells music from our site. They allow you to provide a sample, we allow you to provide a sample.

Other than the obvious, they have more traffic than we do, there is not much difference here.

Face it, unless you are a super artist and are on their main page you won’t be found on their service. Your sales rely on traffic from your website, MySpace page, Facebook page, Blog or whatever you are using to promote you.

Flexible Features

Most of the large providers have one service, sell and deliver music, and that’s great but the one size fits all concept is just not reality.

Our service not only allows you to sell and deliver your music but you can delivery content privately and you can accept content from other people. So instead of the one way street offered by the “other guys” now you can communicate in both directions.

Another notable…If you have a feature that you think will benefit you and the other subscribers to our service, tell us. We are truly interested in how we can help you be successful. We can’t promise that we’ll program it as soon as we get done talking with you, but we will talk about your idea at our weekly meetings, and if it is a good fit, then we’ll write the code.