Why does selling an ebook have to be so confusing?

I talk to hundreds of people in a week and the question comes up, on almost every call.

Working in the digital content delivery industry for almost 15 years now, I can say that if you are just starting to research how to sell your eBook, it really can be confusing.

The main reason it is so damn confusing is because there are so many websites that are trying to capitalize on your creation.

If you really want to sell your eBook online you’ll need to cut through all of the junk and get focused on the five components that are required to sell your eBook:

#1 – You have to have an eBook to sell.

#2 – You have to have a launch point such as a website, blog or social media page. The launch point will allow your visitors to learn about you and your offering. You will also need to market your launch point/product.

#3 – You will need a way to accept money from your customers.

#4 – You will need an online service provider (hosting service) that can store your eBook.

#5 – You will need some type of online service that protects your book from unauthorized downloads and facilitates the sale and delivery of your eBook.

Knowing these five basic components will cut out most of the junk that is out there.

In my opinion here are some things that you’ll want to stay away from if you want to have a good experience selling your eBook:

A) – Boxed Software you have to download, then upload to your server then install, configure, and customize. Unless you are a programming superstar it’s a waste of your time.

B) – Companies that do not offer phone support. If you can’t talk to the company you want to help you with your goals, why bother. Personal support is a must in this industry, you’ll want it the first time you have a question, trust me.

C) – Companies that promise you’ll become an instant millionaire by selling your book using their product or service. Don’t get me wrong, it can happen, but for most it will not.