PDF eBooks-How to Discourage File Sharing and Theft

If you are worried about your digital products being stolen or shared, you are not alone. It’s a common concern from anyone selling digital content.

Although no single service can provide total protection, we have developed a suite of features that will certainly put the kibosh on would be file sharers and thieves.

If you offer the most popular format of eBook, the PDF eBook, your future just got more profitable.
We have launched our PDF Protection Suite. It’s a set of features that discourages file sharing and theft. Our suite includes:

PDF Stamping – We stamp the name, phone number, and email address of the customer to each page of your ebook.

Password Protection – Each time your customer opens the ebook, they must enter their email address.

Print Disabling – Your customer will not be able to print your PDF ebook.

Content Copy Disabling – Your customer will not be able to copy and paste any of the content in your PDF ebook.

All the other features of the pdf document, such as annotating are still available for use.

We feel this protection suite really offers the best of both worlds. It doesn’t lock the file to a certain computer/device, and it discourages file sharing and theft.

If you are selling eBooks on our service you can utilize this set of features on any service plan we offer.

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