Kindle Formatting

Kindle formatting is made to look easier than it really is. Most people that we have spoken to, that call about our kindle formatting services, ask us why their book will not format properly when using the Amazon Digital Text Platform.

The answer is simple… The book needs to be converted to HTML. When the book is converted to HTML it is displayed properly and the features of Kindle, such as changing font size or viewing images related to the text, work perfectly.

Here are some other misc questions that clients have asked during conversations about Kindle Formatting.

Q) My ebook is in PDF format. Why should I have you format it for Kindle?

A) We advise clients to have their ebook in 3 formats. These three formats provide the greatest amount of exposure for your ebook, which allows for you to sell to more people.

Format 1 – PDF – This format will be the bulk of your sales. People can buy this format from your website, blog, social media page and view it anywhere they want, even on mobile devices.

Format 2 – MobiPocket – This format will allow your ebook to be purchased and read on Kindle Devices and Apple Devices that have the Kindle App installed.

Format 3 – ePub – This format will allow your ebook to be purchased and read on the Apple iPad Device through the iBooks Store.

Q) When formatting for Kindle will my ebook be able to be read on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

A)  Yes. Kindle offers an App on the iTunes Store which will allow your ebook to be purchased and read using Apple Devices.

Q) Is it expensive to format my ebook(s)?