How to Sell an ebook on the iBook Store

So you’re an author and want to sell your ebook on the iBook Store?

Here are the steps to selling an ebook on the iBook Store:

Step 1 – Your ebook will need to be formatted to ePub and must pass ePubCheck 1.0.5.

Step 2 – Acquire an ISBN Number for your ebook.

Step 3 – Submit your ebook to an Apple Certified Aggregator

Also remember…

The Top Four Strategies for Selling Your Ebook:

If you want the best exposure for your ebook keep these four strategies in mind.

eBook Website – Open up shop with An eBook website. This will serve as a primary source of information about your ebook, about you as an author and how to contact you. You should also provide a purchase area where people can buy your ebook and download it on the spot.

Kindle – Publishing your ebook on Kindle will expose your ebook to millions of readers through the Kindle Wireless Reading Device, The Kindle App for Apple Devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods, Macs), The Kindle App for BlackBerry and The Kindle App for PC.

IBook Store – Publish directly to the Apple iBook Store for iPad Users through a certified Aggregator.

Sony eReader Store – Publish to the Sony eReader Store for Sony eReader Users through a Certified Aggregator.

With these four marketing strategies your ebook will have the most exposure possible.