The Ease of Selling e-Books from Websites

As authors, we spend countless hours in front of the computer and our notebooks researching, writing, and editing our manuscripts to perfection.  Once we’re ready to sell our book we’re faced with the countless struggles between traditional publishing and self publishing.

Self publishing is growing more and more prevalent as the days pass by.  We see cases of extreme success with self publishing authors such as Amanda Hocking selling 450,000 copies of her novels in twelve months, or Bob Mayer selling 80,000 e-books in one month this summer.

What’s the most important aspect of becoming a bestselling self published author?

  • We must have a manuscript to convert to an e-book.

Digital Content Center can help convert our manuscript into all available forms of e-books including Kindle, Nook, and i-Pad.


Okay, we have our e-book.  What’s next?

  • We must have a website to serve as our primary launch pad for selling our e-books.

Digital Content Center makes it possible to sell all e-book versions in one location, why not take control of our self-publishing future?


What’s as important as actually having a completed manuscript, formatted e-books, and a primary website?

  • We must have a reliable and easy to use shopping cart service.

Digital Content Center provides a shopping cart service/check out system that includes three professional services to the user.

#1 – The first service available is the Custom Shop Check Out System.  This system includes:

  • A Shopping Cart/View Cart Page
  • A Check Out Page
  • A Purchase Confirmation Page

#2 – The second professional service included is the Marketplace.  The Marketplace also provides the Custom Shop Check Out System, plus it allows the buyer to view additional products for sale at the same time while free for the user.

#3 – The third professional service available is PayPal Pro (Professional).  PayPal Pro allows users to accept credit cards via the Custom Shop Check Out System.  This service also offers payment methods via the basic PayPal account and Google Checkout.

It’s important that we include that Digital Content Center is P.C.I. compliant, thus protecting credit card information.


In addition to the shopping cart system, Digital Content Center’s system generates BUY Buttons and Shopping Cart Buttons.  These buttons are also available to add to a user’s website, blog, and social media pages (such as Facebook).

Another feature of the system, Digital Content Center provides Limited Use Coupons.  By limited use, we mean that once a coupon has reached its use threshold, it is no longer valid.  These coupons incentivize sales but also protect the user from “giving away the farm”.


Okay, so for most of us, this is a lot of information.  But good information to have, right?

We’ll be back next week with more on launching a primary website and using social media to drive the necessary traffic to increase our e-book sales.