More Robust Sales Reports, Upgraded Video Streaming + Other Upgrades & Updates

More Robust Sales Reports

We’ve dialed into our reports a bit more…

Now, when applying a coupon to Specified Products, it will show in both the “Sales By Item” and the “Sales by Order” tabs of the Sales Reports.

Applying a coupon to an Entire Order will only show in the “Sales By Order” tab of the Sales Reports.

Upgraded Video Streaming

We have updated the audio/video player to allow replays without having to close down the page and re-open it. Simply click the reply button and it plays!

New Look and Feel for Login

We’ve also updated the look and feel for the login, forgot password, share setup, and hand-off screens. This new format will enable us to provide a consistent look for access and access processes.

Tracking Number Fields

Users who sell & ship tangible items will now be able to add the Shipping Vendor, Tracking Number, and Tracking Number Link for their customers. We’ve also enabled the ability to send an email to the buyer with their tracking information, as well as a direct link from the order receipt.

Ship To Information

The Ship To Information is now present on printable receipts for both sellers and buyers.