Pre-Orders, Product Bundles, and Other Cool New Features

We’ve just released some really cool new features that we think our clients will love!

Plus, we think these features will also help our clients sell more stuff too!

Pre-Orders for Digital Content, Tangible Products, and Services

Anyone wishing to offer pre-orders of his or her products now can!

For the clients who subscribe to our Premium Service, getting set up is pretty easy. When setting up inventory items, simply tell the system that the item is a pre-order. When the product is ready for release, the system automatically sends out an email notification.

Product Bundles

For sellers who like to bundle digital, tangible, and/or other services, our new bundling feature is sure to please.

Located in the Coupons Area of the left side navigation, clients will now be able to choose a trigger product AND as many other products (as desired) that are to be bundled to the trigger product. For the buyer, purchasing a bundle is accomplished by simply choosing the trigger product and the system will automatically include the bundled products.

Related Products

Everyone sees it almost everywhere they shop. From online, to the aisles of many grocery stores, related products are shown to entice the buyer to buy more. And this feature is now available with Content Shelf!

When setting up an inventory item, clients will have the ability to choose up to 5 related products that will be shown to buyers when they are viewing the product details. Buyers can then view and add these related products to their cart.

Sending Gift Cards to Recipients

For clients selling gift cards, we now offer a simple way for your buyers to send those gift cards to a single recipient.

When viewing the purchased gift card, the buyer can send a single recipient an email with a personalized message that provides the gift card number and starting balance. In addition to this base feature, gift card recipients (and buyers if they choose to use the gift card for themselves) can view their current gift card balance any time by looking at the receipt of their last purchase.

2Checkout Payment Processing

And last but not least, we want to welcome our newest payment integration partner, 2Checkout. A worldwide leader in payment services, 2Checkout is trusted by over 50,000 merchants. It’s simple to implement and supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages.

Activating 2Checkout as a payment processor can be accomplished in Store Settings under the Payment Processing Apps area.