Responsive Checkout with the Content Shelf Store Widget

With the popularity of smart phones and tablets, it was only a matter of time before mobile shopping surged past traditional desktop and laptop shopping. This surge is happening right now, and a mobile-optimized experience is no longer an option for sellers—it’s a must-have feature. Regardless of the device the potential customer is using, the seller’s website and store needs to be responsive to all environments.  That’s the eCommerce way.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website design allows users to engage with a seller’s website from any device they choose to use… from their mobile phone, to their tablet, to their desktop, visitors just want it to work. Period.

Responsive design takes into account how users interact with the device they are using. Mouse or finger, clicking or tapping, and constant or collapsible navigation are just a few of the concepts that surround designing a responsive website and store.

How Responsive Checkout with Store Widget Works

It just works!

That’s correct. Sellers don’t need to be Merlin (ya know, the legendary wizard) to make the Store Widget work in all device environments (mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop). It automatically works with a seller’s responsive designed website without him or her doing a thing.

As a Content Shelf seller, in order to select the Store Widget as the Theme Type, simply navigate to the Store Appearance area within the Store Settings and choose the Store Widget option. Once the store is set up and the seller is ready to add the Store Widget to the website, choose the appropriate Store Widget Buttons when using the Button Wizard.

Visit Our Demo Site

To see an example of how the Content Shelf Store Widget works, visit our WordPress Responsive Website and Store here –

Store Support

In addition to phone support and support tickets for questions on how it all works, we’ve created comprehensive support articles located within the User Dashboard Support Article area for our sellers… simply type in the keyword “Store Widget” and read away.

Coming Soon

We’ll be releasing a new streaming audio and video feature, as well as some other cool stuff in the coming months—so stay tuned…