Off Topic Friday – The New One World Trade Center

We love the eCommerce world; obviously, it’s our industry.  But some days, enough is enough.  Right?

So, we’re starting a new category on our blog this week—Off Topic Friday.

Off Topic Friday is a way for us to share things that we experience, learn, see, and/or hear about that piques our interest.  Topics may vary from Hot Topics in today’s world, to stories that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (like today’s), or simply put, complete randomness.

Off Topic Friday is also a way for our readers and clients to know that behind the scenes, we are real people with real feelings, and we have more to talk about than digital content delivery and nothing but digital content delivery.

It’s our hope that Off Topic Friday will turn into a regular blog feature, but again warn that we’re not lying about these posts being completely random and having nothing to do with eCommerce.  AND we really hope that our readers and clients will enjoy our articles and find them to be a break from the day to day shuffle that everyone deserves by week’s end.

This week’s post was inspired by an article in Time Magazine by Josh Sanburn.  We read Mr. Sanburn’s words and a sense of accomplishment and pride washed over us.  We hope everyone enjoys this week’s post and finds encouragement the way we did!

September 11, 2001

For anyone at the age of understanding when 9/11 took place, they know it was a terrible tragedy. Thousands of lives were lost and even more ruined with the aftermath of the events of that day.

The New World Trade Center

Having experienced this event, we have never forgotten and will never forget; but as life moves forward, the memories become fainter and fainter… or at least they did until we received a link to this website:

After reading this article, watching the video (below), and experiencing the absolutely stunning panoramic view from atop the new One World Trade Center, all of the memories came rushing back—not in a sad or discouraging way… but in more of a sense of accomplishment and encouragement kind of way, promising that better times are ahead for this great nation we live in.

We hope that our readers will take a moment today and check this out—it’s certainly worth it!

And before we go, we want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of the Iron Workers and other people that made the new One World Trade Center possible.  Please know that the work you all have done means the world to many of us living all across the country.

To view the making of the panoramic image, click here –