Live Streaming, Brinks Checkout, and Other Upgrades and Updates

Since our last major update (January 30th), we’ve added BitPay Bitcoin Payment Processing as a partner.  We have also launched Responsive Checkout, which allows users to engage with a seller’s website from any device they choose to use.  Clients can access these features within our Store Widgets area.

And as promised, we’ve been working very hard to bring new features…

Live Audio & Video Streaming

We’ve taken things to the next level!

Live streaming is now a reality with Content Shelf. Available for stand alone episodes or for subscriptions, users can now stream live audio & video content to their audience via the device of their choice—that’s right—any device!

Clients will need a premium plus account, plus an account with

Stay tuned… our “official” launch is next week!

Advanced Audio & Video Streaming

Prior to this announcement, we already had basic HTTP Streaming.

Today, we introduce Advanced HTTP Streaming. This is an optional setting for all seller accounts and enables full dynamic buffering and seeks support.

Access to this setting can be found within the User Profile.

Brinks Checkout Payment Processing

We’ve added a new payment processor…  Brinks Transaction Processing is now officially ready for use and available for all package levels.

Access to Brinks Checkout can be found in the Store Settings section within the Payment Apps area.

Settings Saver

Subscription content can get quite extensive. Before this announcement, we already had several ways to sort such content, including: alphabetically, newest first, oldest first, and recently updated. The problem was, as soon as the user logged out, the setting erased.

As of this update, we can now save the user’s last setting prior to logging out. It’s a huge time saver and also saves on the annoyance factor.

Now that we have the ability to save settings, we’ll add this feature to other dashboard areas. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

New Fields

We’ve added some new fields:

  • ISBN Code
  • UPC Code

These fields are now available on digital and tangible product types.

We’ve also made available the Tracking Name and Tracking Royalty fields to the Services product type.

Access to these fields can be found when adding or editing inventory.

Checkout Page Field Control

We now offer the ability to require fields on the checkout page. Those fields include:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Order Comments

Access to this feature can be found in the Store Settings section within the Checkout Fields area.

Subscriptions Renewals with Gift Cards & Coupon Codes

If our sellers offer subscriptions and want to entice more renewals, they can now make that happen by offering gift cards and coupon codes to renewing subscribers as they complete the renewal process.

Our goal is to help our clients retain more subscribers with these renewal promotions.

New Subscription Billing Cycle

We’ve added Semiannually as a Subscription Billing Cycle. We’re not really sure how we could have missed this in the first place, but we did. Anyway, it’s now an available option.

Access to this setting can be found when setting up or editing a subscription.

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

As with many upgrades and adjustments, we’ve fixed some bugs in our code and made a few performance enhancements.

Coming Soon

We’ve got a huge announcement coming soon. Think MOBILE! And stay tuned…