Metered Access, Subscription Free Trials, and Other Upgrades and Updates

Happy Fall, Everyone!

We’ve got some exciting new features that are sure to please all of our clients, buyers and sellers alike. Read on to learn more…

Metered Access New Licensing Model

In addition to Timed Access, we now offer Metered Access.

Metered Access allows sellers to assign a designated number of downloads for their content. For example, if there are three downloads allowed, the sixth download attempt will show the license has expired.

Metered Access content is available until the maximum number of downloads is reached (with no limit on time). As part of the dashboard renovation, the system will now show the license type and applicable expiration of the digital content.

Please let us know your thoughts via our contact page.

Subscription Free Trials

Offering Subscription Content just got a bit easier by way of a brand new feature—Subscription Free Trials.

This feature allows sellers to set a trial length (in days). When a buyer signs up for the subscription, he or she will automatically receive the free trial. Free Trials are applied to all of the subscription options with the subscription package.

For Manual Billing – Payment will not be required at checkout unless there are other items in the cart. After the free trial ends, the subscriber will receive an email renewal notification. This begins the normal subscription process.

For Recurring Billing – Payment will not be required, but the subscriber will be required to provide payment information. Payment information will be stored with the payment gateway; and at expiration of the free trial, the credit card will be charged. This begins the normal subscription process.

Dashboard Renovation

We’ve completely renovated the seller and buyer dashboards. The look and feel is modern, easy to navigate, and uniform with colors, icons, and content areas.

Seller Dashboard – All new icons and modern form fields have been introduced. Additionally, the navigation has been modified to reflect simpler access with fewer clicks. Who doesn’t love fewer clicks?

Buyer Dashboard (Desktop/Tablet) – The desktop and tablet version of the Buyer Dashboard has been completely revamped, including the actual look and feel. We’ve moved to a center tabbed environment with easily identifiable and defined content areas.

Buyer Dashboard (Mobile) – The mobile version of the buyer dashboard has also been completely revamped with great attention paid to organization of files and reduced clicks. The interface is visually stunning and modern.

Content Shelf Desktop & Tablet Buyers Area Screenshot

Content Shelf Desktop & Tablet Buyers Area Screenshot – Click To Enlarge

Content Shelf Mobile Buyers Area Screenshot Part 1

Content Shelf Mobile Buyers Area Screenshot Part 1 – Click To Enlarge

Content Shelf Mobile Buyers Area Screenshot Part 2

Content Shelf Mobile Buyers Area Screenshot Part 2 – Click To Enlarge

Coupon Uses

While our Coupon Uses feature is very small, it’s a big time saver for those who use coupons.

From the Manage Coupons area, we added a column labeled “Used.” This shows, at a glance, just how many times the coupon has been used.

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Last but not least, we’ve also fixed some bugs and made performance enhancements to many areas within the Content Shelf application.

Coming Soon

We’ll continue general maintenance and performance enhancements, but look for our new Public Website and Help System in the coming weeks.