SSL 3.0 Poodle Exploit Explained (non-technical)

Another exploit for OpenSSL this year has been discovered. This time it’s been dubbed the Poodle Exploit.

This post is to let you know what it is, what we’ve done about it, and how it affects you.

What is the SSL 3.0 Poodle Exploit?

The SSL 3.0 Poodle Exploit is a security vulnerability that was recently discovered in OpenSSL and allows hackers to view sensitive information.

This protocol itself is obsolete but was kept alive for backwards compatibility with legacy systems.

The SSL 3.0 Poodle Exploit is NOT A VIRUS!

What We’ve Done About It

With the modification of a single line of code we disabled it so that it no longer poses a threat.

How The Poodle Exploit Affects You

You are unlikely to see any affects of this exploit unless customers that buy from you are using Internet Explorer Version 6.

While the usage for IE6 is extremely low it still is being used. Should you have a potential customer that cannot buy from your store we suggest that they either upgrade their version of Internet Explorer or use another modern browser.