Content Shelf Business Update

We have received several emails asking where we have been since our last blog post back in February. Yes; we know that is a long time to go radio silent; but in our defense, there’s a good reason behind it. What could possibly make up for such a dry spell online when everybody knows in today’s world companies need a strong online presence, especially digital companies?

Well, the answer is…

We have been working extremely hard on a major upgrade! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Modern Mobile Responsive Storefront
  • Modern Mobile Responsive Store Widgets
  • Developer Friendly Custom Integration
  • Advanced Store Appearance Customization
  • Language Packs (Purchase to Content Consumption)
  • Sales and VAT Tax Simplification
  • Product Video Integration
  • A Brand New Public Website
  • Our Affiliate Program
  • Tons of Performance Enhancements

So while we’ve been silent on the blogging front, we certainly have not forgotten about our customers and making Content Shelf better.

We’ll get back to sharing some of our original content in the coming weeks.

More to come soon…

Thanks for reading!