PayPal Purchase Protection Update

PayPal has changed some of its rules with regards to Purchase Protection and we felt it important to share this news with our readers and clients.

As one of the leading ways to buy and sell around the world, PayPal has provided protection for eligible purchases of physical goods for many years. Now, to bring them in line with coverage that other providers already offer, PayPal is changing that protection to cover intangible goods as well.

What changed?

Effective July 1, 2015, PayPal extended its Purchase Protection to cover intangible goods. This includes services and digital goods, such as online music, e-books, games, travel tickets, and software downloads.

Why did PayPal change the rules?

PayPal’s Purchase Protection globally covered physical goods for many years, and this update brings PayPal in line with the coverage that some card providers already offer.

PayPal can now be seen by customers as an even safer way to pay. For businesses, it has the potential to help improve sales because it gives consumers more confidence when making purchases for digital goods and services.

How does this affect you, our client?

Businesses that sells intangible goods will need to respond to buyer claims for intangible goods with ‘compelling evidence’ of the transaction. This compelling evidence can vary, depending on the type of goods or services provided.

How can we help? Content Shelf offers complete transaction details, including detailed download information… it doesn’t get more compelling than that.

If you have questions about this update, please refer to PayPal’s User Agreement.