The Next Generation of Content Shelf is Here

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We’re excited to announce the next generation of Content Shelf, which offers a completely fresh set of robust and powerful features that makes the buying experience better than ever before.

There are plenty of new features to discover and start taking advantage of immediately so please read on to learn more…

Store Modes

The cornerstone of the next generation of Content Shelf is our new Store Modes.

From the ground up we’ve completely redesigned selling, buying and consuming.

On the surface you’ll see that our Store Modes are modern, mobile friendly and are extremely easy to use.

Under the hood you’ll find a super fast engine and a plethora of new features including complete control over design and integration, language packs, and geo location services.

We offer three Store Modes.

  • The Store Widget is a complete shopping cart that can be integrated to most websites*. It includes 5 components that can be used as a single store or any in any desired combination within different areas of a website. A Store Widget demo can be seen here –
  • Stand Alone Site Buttons are shopping cart buttons that represent a single product and can be integrated to most websites*. Buttons can send buyers directly to a payment page or work as a shopping cart allowing buyers to browse site pages until ready for checkout. A Site Buttons Demo can be seen here –
  • The Hosted Storefront is a complete store that can be linked to from any website, blog or social page. The look and feel is completely customizable and buyers can easily move between storefront and website. A Hosted Storefront Demo can be seen here –

Our checkout process has been redesigned too! While it’s still PCI Secure & compliant there is now more flexibility with the look and feel plus we’ve added Guest Checkout (read more below).

We’ve made migration to the new Store Modes as easy as clicking a button and we’re offering free migration consultations to all existing customers.

If you decide migration is not for you that’s fine too, existing customers will remain grand fathered for the immediate future.

* Not only has the Store Widget has been tested and works fantastic on custom designed websites it also works great with these popular platforms: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SquareSpace, and Weebly.

Language Packs

Adding languages was a top request and we are pleased to announce that our new Store Modes include seven language packs.

  • French (Euro)
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Euro)
  • Spanish (Latin America)

Our language packs not only auto-display based on the browser settings they can be manually adjusted from the language widget at the top of the store.

What’s really cool about our language packs is they span from purchase to consumption for a total solution.

We’ll be adding several more languages in 2016 too!

Guest Checkout

With Store Modes we now offer Guest Checkout.

Guest Checkout enables buyers to checkout without creating an account. This feature was designed to reduce abandonment rates and provide buyers a satisfying purchase experience.

How will digital content delivery work? Digital content is available at confirmation and future access is easily available by creating a user account with the email address that was used for the purchase.

Automated Geo Location Services

Another barrier that we wanted to help buyers overcome is filling out fields.

With Store Modes our checkout page now knows the Country and State (if applicable) of the buyer.

Sales and VAT Tax Simplification with Taxamo

Simplifying Sales Tax and/or EU VAT compliance was our goal when we integrated with Taxamo.

They provide a comprehensive technical tax solution for digital service merchants for the U.S., EU, Japan, and South Africa.

Product Video Integration

If your like most folks a video is welcoming eye candy to see what a product is or how it works.

Our Store Modes have a feature that allows you to showcase unlimited product videos.

Help your prospective buyers understand your products and services so they can purchase.

Coupon Code Upgrade

We’ve upgraded the coupon code system to allow a coupon code to be applied to all digital content, tangible products, services, and subscriptions.

This upgrade will keep sellers from creating a coupon for each individual product in that particular product type.

New Mobile Friendly Public Website with Access to Support Articles

We’ve upgraded our public facing website!

It’s completely responsive to all devices and includes access to our Support Articles.

Support Articles

We’ve upgraded and added tons of new content to our Support Articles

WordPress Plugin

We’ve created a fantastic integration tool for WordPress websites.

Our WordPress plugin is a quick and easy way to install Content Shelf to any WordPress website.

Our plugin is registered in the WordPress Repository and can be found here –

Partner Program

Content Shelf offers great recurring commissions for external partners that refer new customers. Whether you’re a website designer, developer or online marketer you can expand your service offerings with reliable shopping cart services and earn 20% recurring commissions. Become a partner today. Just fill out the application form here –

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

We’ve made some considerable performance enhancements and fixed a few bugs in the process. Here are some of the notables.


  • Compatible with military addresses
  • Added a referred by field within checkout
  • Updated multimedia player throughout the system
  • AudioVideoWeb Live Streaming token adjustments
  • Dropdown options now show in the general search results areas

Sellers Dashboard

  • The ability to search for subscribers by first and last name
  • Restyled the connection pages for apps like DropBox and MailChimp
  • Adjusted the custom email confirmation text to also appear on the confirmation page if desired
  • Added a SEO friendly text field for store profiles
  • Added the ability for out of stock inventory to be sold and placed on back order
  • Added the ability to tax shipping fees
  • Addition of an “Add Combo” button allowing buyers to add both the promo and trigger products to the cart at the same time (seen on the product details page)
  • Unused promotions are now shown on the “View Cart” page
  • Quantity discounts
  • Added the ability to apply coupons before or after tax
  • Optin/out of marketing emails
  • Updated purchasing additional storage space

Buyers Dashboard

  • Pagination buttons now show after set number of show items per page (desktop/mobile)

End of Life Cycle

The MicroSite will no longer be offered or supported after January 1st 2016.

In Closing

As you can see we have been busy making Content Shelf the best it can be. We hope you enjoy these new features. If there are any questions let us know.

Thanks for reading!