Introducing iDevAffiliate

We are excited to announce our relationship with iDevAffiliate.

iDeVaffiliate is affiliate software for tracking and managing affiliate sales. They’ve been around for over 15 years and offer both cloud based and downloadable versions. iDevAffiliate is affordable and support is U.S. based.

Some of the highlights of this software include:

  • All Types of Marketing Options (banners, text links, email templates, pdf brochures, etc)
  • Custom Payout Structures
  • Reports Galore

Also the dashboards are fantastic! They are easy to use, super organized and as feature rich as it gets.

Of course what we like most about iDevAffiliate is that the software integrates with Content Shelf in less than three minutes thanks to the built in Cart Integration Wizard.

If you are thinking of extending your current sales force, iDevAffiliate is worth researching over the holiday. Who knows, you may get inspired and make iDevAffiliate a part of your growth plan for 2016.

Links to get you started…

Main Website –
Admin Dashboard Demo –
Affiliate Dashboard Demo –
Integration Article #1 –
Integration Article #2 –