2Checkout Major Changes

2Checkout has undergone some major changes.

If you’re not familiar with these guys, 2Checkout is a worldwide leader in payment services, maximizing online sales conversions by giving global buyers localized payment options. Trusted by over 50,000 business owners in 16 years of business, 2Checkout supports transactions in more than 200 worldwide markets through 8 payment methods, 87 currencies, and 15 languages, forming one of the leading processors of online transactions in the world. The service is simple to implement, including a pre-integrated payment gateway, a merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and more.

2Checkout has really focused on the price of their service, the currencies they support and beefing-up the security of their product. To be specific:

  • Pricing for internationally-based businesses was reduced from 5.5% + $.45, to one of the following based on the country selected
    • 2.4% + $.30 (+1.5% for cross-border transactions, if applicable)
    • 3.4% + $.45 (+1.5% for cross-border transactions, if applicable)
    • 3.9% + $.45(+1.5% for cross-border transactions, if applicable)

Learn more about their pricing.

  • The number of currencies they support grew substantially, from 26 to 87. If you want to see the currencies they now support, visit their global payments page and click on the “currency options” tab.
  • Business owners now benefit from the additional security provided because of 2Checkout’s release of two-factor authentication. Long story short, even if an account holder’s login details are stolen, two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security which reduces the risk of fraud.

While we think these are some big changes, we’ve been told the biggest is yet to come in 2017. Stay tuned for what’s to come from this rapidly growing company.

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