Bitcoin Payment Processing Now Available!

Today we’re talking about Bitcoin Payment Processing, something we feel is a really cool new feature here at Content Shelf.

First, what is Bitcoin?  We’re sure everyone has heard about it at some point or read an article about it on the internet.  Dare we say, it’s the hot new thing?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is quickly becoming popular for all types of transactions. When compared to traditional payment processing, Bitcoin transactions are all around much easier, more cost effective, and take away a majority of the risk involved with conducting commerce online.

Sounds good, right?

Over the past six months, we have painstakingly worked with various partners and attempted to use several solutions optimizing Bitcoin transactions. Simply put, the task has been daunting. After much trial and error, and massive amounts of testing, we are ready to go live!  And share our experiences with you… but that will come later.

Now, to today’s news!

Accept Bitcoin Now with Content Shelf

Our Bitcoin Transaction Processing feature is now officially ready for use and available for our Premium Package clients.  Accepting Bitcoin currency as payment has never been easier.

For Sellers

We’ve made it really simple to accept Bitcoin by partnering with BitPay. All that’s required for our sellers is the API Key ID in the Payment Processing area found within the Store Settings.

For Buyers

Paying with Bitcoin is also extremely easy! By choosing to pay with Bitcoin, the buyer will be transferred to BitPay’s interface directly from the Content Shelf checkout page (where any Digital Wallet—virtual or client side—can be used for the transaction). After the transaction is complete, the buyer can then go directly back to the Content Shelf confirmation page to access content and order information.

Additional Bitcoin Payment Service Providers

For the launch of our new feature, we chose to integrate with BitPay. In the near future, we’ll be adding support for Coinbase, which also serves as both a Digital Wallet and Bitcoin Payment Processor.

Bitcoin Support

In addition to phone support and support tickets for questions on how it all works for Content Shelf sellers and buyers, we’ve created a comprehensive support article located within the User Dashboard Support Article area… simply type in the keyword “Bitcoin” and read away.

Coming Soon

Soon, we’ll also be releasing a month long blog series outlining our experiences with making Bitcoin available as a part of Content Shelf’s checkout process. For those interested in how it all works, these reads will share our ups and downs with the complex, yet exciting new digital currency.