Digital Content Strategy

What is the best strategy for selling digital content in this economy?

Here are the top three ideas that we suggest to clients:

Strategy 1 – Offer free standard content and upsell the premium content. This can be accomplished by allowing website visitors to download standard files that you are willing to give away for free. If the visitor likes what they see, they may take the leap to buy the premium content. Offering something for free also shows that you are willing to allow them to try it before they buy it.

Strategy 2 – Don’t make your site visitors wait for purchased content. If they have the itch to buy, scratch it for them with immediate gratification and allow them to download it immediately after purchase.

Strategy 3 – Think about offering personalized content to site visitors. Of course your content has to be something that can be personalized, but it is a nice option to offer in addition to the content you are selling to the masses.